Carlos has branched out again — this time into the culinary arena. Recently, he launched a “themed” restaurant, called Maria Maria — named after the song from his Supernatural album, of course. However, if you’re expecting rock star memorabilia, ala Hard Rock CafĂ©, you’llREAD MORE

Carlos Santana‘s sound is affected by the gear he uses, including his Mesa Boogie Amp (and others), Mu-Tron Wah Wah Pedal, and of course his recognizable Paul Reed Smith Santana Guitars. His history with Paul Reed Smith, especially, is fascinating: a symbiotic relationship thatREAD MORE

Incredible Melodic Journey There are a lot of excellent electric guitar players out there. When you narrow the field to guitar players who play parts that you remember long after the song is over, it shrinks noticeably. But at theREAD MORE

When I first started playing with a Santana Tribute band, I liked Santana‘s music, but didn’t have a true appreciation for it. No song has changed that opinion more than “Jingo“: a one-chord “chant” piece from the band’s debut album, Santana by Santana.READ MORE

To get the full use out of pentatonic scales, you should be comfortable with them in all 5 positions. So, using Am as an example again, here are the positions: 1st PositionStarts on A on the 5th fret of theREAD MORE