Timeless Santana Collaborations

Santana is a rock band that will withstand the test of time. Instantly rising to the top of the rock charts since their breakout performance at Woodstock, Santana’s music is unmistakable and unforgettable. Blending a Latin flavor with classic rock, Santana went against the grain of most rock groups of that time and many nay-sayers didn’t think the unique sound would gain popularity. Santana went on to prove the critics wrong by being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and earning nine Grammy Awards.

Retaining its Latin roots throughout the decades, Santana has become an icon in the rock world. Unlike some rock groups that tend to resist changing times, Santana welcomed many changes, from band members to collaborating with other artists. In fact, some of their most memorable hits are collaborations.  Perfectly balancing their Latin rock sound with the other artists’ contributions, Santana’s collaborative numbers clearly reflect the band’s versatility and creativity. Then add Carlos Santana’s signature guitar tone into the mix and it is no wonder that Santana’s collaborations became instantly successful!

 Only gets better with time

Santana has released innumerable collaborations over the years. Some like “Smooth,” co-written by Rob Thomas, were instant hits. Other, less well-known numbers are still held dear by true Santana fans because collaborations are tests of a musician’s skills. Having worked with master artists of all styles from Ziggy Marley to Yo-Yo Ma, Santana time and time again displayed creative variety and mastery. Released in 2002, “The Game of Love” illustrates this point perfectly. Featuring Michelle Branch, the song wasn’t just successful but earned a Grammy Award for “Best Pop Collaborations with Vocals.”

Carlos Santana must take credit for most of Santana’s creative versatility when it comes to collaborations. More than just the band’s namesake, Carlos is Santana’s foundation, having been with the band from its beginning. Often called into the studio to work with other famous musicians, his iconic guitar tracks can be heard in numbers such as Michael Jackson’s “Whatever Happen” which was released in 2001. Carlos’ innovative skills and genius when it comes to music is perhaps what makes Santana’s collaborations not just inspiring but ageless. Having a legacy that now spans almost five decades, Santana will be an immortal fixture in the music world. While other groups fade with time, Santana will only be getting better.

 Celebrate Santana with Savor

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