Santana — Live!

The crowd was so pumped. You couldn’t stay in your seat because Santana’s beat made you want to get up and dance. When Black Magic Woman transitioned into Oye Como Va, I was hooked on the live concert experience, and the louder the better!

Santana introduced us rock and roll fans to Latin and African rhythms fused with blues, jazz, Latin, and good old rock and roll. We heard a rock band playing timbales and congas for the first time. And, for many people, Santana introduced us to Latino music.   

After that concert, my cousins and I played our Abraxas eight-track (remember eight-tracks?) to death . . . literally! Every album released after Abraxas was a must-buy, and when I listen to that great music of the ‘70s, it takes me back to that very special night in Philly when I had my first introduction to the rock concert experience thanks to Santana.

Still going strong

Fast forward to 2016 and The Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. It’s 45 years later, and I’m taking my 21 year old son to hear Santana. The crowd is decidedly much older with gray hair or little hair, for that matter.  But, everyone is eagerly anticipating of one the greatest guitarists of all time — Carlos Santana.

And, he doesn’t disappoint.  The night’s music is a blending of old favorites — Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, Toussaint L’Ouverture, Evil Ways — with some new favorites like Smooth, Maria, Maria, and Corazon Espinado.  With incredible solos by Santana and drummer and wife, Cindy Blackman, 45 years slipped away and lots of great memories of dancing and rocking out to Santana came rushing back.

And, just like 45 years ago, the crowd was on its feet for the entire evening dancing to the music, reminiscing, singing along to all of their favorites songs, and playing air guitar along with Carlos!

Close your eyes

I still love to hear live music. And, I still love to go and hear my favorite artists and bands play in concert.  But, with sky high ticket prices, a good tribute band gives me the experience of seeing up close and personal performance at a fraction of what concert tickets are going for today.

When you close your eyes and listen to Savor, you feel like you’re up close and personal at a live Santana concert. This group of dedicated musicians have been delighting audiences for 15 years with their amazing reproductions of the original versions of Santana favorites such as Soul Sacrifice, Jingo, Evil Ways, and Smooth.  It’s the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest groups to come out of the 70’s — Santana.