Santana Tribute band: What does it take?

Guest post from Lisa Hartman

The primal beat of African drums, the sensuality and passion of the Latin sound, the coolness of the blues combined with the intensity of rock. Fuse them together and what to do you get? The music of Santana. For more than 40 years, Santana’s music has captured the world stage, transcending musical genres with its constantly evolving sound which appeals to music lovers from all walks of life. Santana burst onto the music scene in the late 60’s in an era that has defined music for several generations of rock and rollers, and is still as relevant today as it was then.

Savor: Tribute to Santana in concert in Buena Park

What does it take to put together a great Santana tribute band? Start with a fiery percussion section — congas, bongos, timbales. Add the energized beat of the drummer, a rhythm and blues keyboardist who can easily shift from playing blues riffs to jazz and funk, and the pounding of the bassist in the groove. Top this off with a guitarist who can not only recreate the raw, unpolished sounds of the earlier Santana albums, but also the smoother, more sophisticated sounds that dominated later recordings. Put all of this together and you have the makings of a great Santana tribute band, and that band’s name is Savor!

If you close your eyes, you think it’s Santana

Savor recreates all the hits spanning rock legend Carlos Santana’s 40 year long career. Their set list is a veritable trip “down memory lane” with the raw and passionate sounds of Soul Sacrifice, Jingo, and Evil Ways — part of Santana’s legendary set at Woodstock — to the more mystical sounds of Incident at Neshabur and Black Magic Woman to the electrifying, Latin sounds of Maria, Maria, Smooth, and Oye Como Va. When you close your eyes and listen to Savor, you’ll swear you’re listening to your favorite Santana album! With decades of musical experience between them, the musicians of Savor put on an exhilarating, crowd-pleasing performance every time complete with 60’s and Afro-Cuban clothing to round out your “Santana” experience.

Watch the video

Check out the band’s video to get a sample of their dynamite show. While you’re there, take a look at the set list for Savor’s shows and read about the musicians that make up this awesome Santana tribute band. Pay tribute to rock legend Carlos Santana and come rock with Savor!