Michael Caroff | Guitar

Founder and leader of the band, Michael has played every style from folk to progressive jazz-rock fusion. His long-time love of traditional Latin music and Latin jazz comes to fruition in Savor.

David Jefferson | Keyboards

Though deeply immersed in funk and R&B, David recreates Santana’s keyboard parts with astonishing accuracy. He is also the band’s musical director on stage.

Steven Elowe | Lead Vocals, Guitar

A veteran of the music industry, Steven’s amazing voice is just part of his skillset. He also plays electric and acoustic guitar, hand percussion, and even works the drum kit!

Javany Martinez | Lead Vocals

With serious vocal chops and boundless energy, Javany’s enthusiasm makes him a joy to watch. And his love for the music comes through loud and clear.

Rick Thibodeau

In-demand as a touring musician, Rick also sings strong harmony vocals. Sometimes dubbed the “Energizer Bunny,” he takes performance to a whole new level!

Lorenzo Martinez | Congas

As a conguero, Lorenzo is constantly working, and it’s no wonder: he navigates the myriad Latin rhythms with a deftness that is almost spooky. He’s also a powerful harmony singer.

Chico Hernandez | Timbales

Sometimes highlighted as the “comic relief” of the band, Chico can be a clown on stage — but there’s no lack of seriousness in his timbale playing. He truly embodies the heart of Santana music.

Sergio Gonzalez | Drums

Recording engineer by day and drummer by night, Sergio’s rock-solid beat keeps the entire band locked in a never-ending groove that gets listeners out of the seats.