Undeniably one of my favorite kinds of both dance and music in the Latin genre, is salsa. Fast and energetic, its unrelenting rhythmic pulse is irresistible. However, trying to translate this style into a rock band format turned out toREAD MORE

Actually written before Savor was even on the drawing boards, Sambita began life as a jazz-influenced Latin song written for a 3-piece instrumental band: guitar, bass, and drums. Building the original arrangement Structured in a fairly conventional pop song format,READ MORE

SAN DIEGO, CA — Known throughout the Southwest United States for their stunning recreations of Santana’s music, Savor recently produced videos for several of their original songs. The goals: to help keep the band engaged with their listeners, and toREAD MORE

When I set out to start writing songs in the Latin rock vein, I was inspired by three different sources: Spanish-flavored jazz rockEpitomized by six string phenomenon Al DiMeola, this style of music was something I have been playing sinceREAD MORE

This is one of those occasions in which the initial song came to me very quickly. Within a couple of hours, I’d written the verses and choruses. Like most effective melodies, it’s simple. But there is a feature in theREAD MORE