When I first started playing with a Santana Tribute band, I liked Santana‘s music, but didn’t have a true appreciation for it. No song has changed that opinion more than “Jingo“: a one-chord “chant” piece from the band’s debut album, Santana by Santana.READ MORE

To get the full use out of pentatonic scales, you should be comfortable with them in all 5 positions. So, using Am as an example again, here are the positions: 1st PositionStarts on A on the 5th fret of theREAD MORE

These scales (called “pentatonic,” meaning 5 note) are the most popular scales for guitar players — bar none. Why? Several reasons: 1) They sound good. The “skipped” notes add an open, interesting sound that makes them pleasing to the ear.READ MORE

Distortion Makes A Difference We used to have a saying when I was a teenager first learning to play guitar: “so distorted it’s ‘clean.’ ” What we meant was that with the right kind of amplifier distortion, you would achieveREAD MORE

Five years ago, I started a Santana tribute band, with the idea that once I had a Latin rock band (complete with percussion), I would have a ready-made unit to play the original songs that I was writing in that vein.READ MORE