The Tribute Band or the Album — Which Came First? Since our band, Savor, released an album of original Latin rock music after 6 years of playing as a Santana Tribute Band, it would be natural to assume that weREAD MORE

During the years I’ve played guitar in a Santana Tribute band, people generally assume that I’m a huge Carlos Santana fan. It’s true that I’ve always enjoyed his music (especially the first two albums, Santana by Santana and Abraxas), but since I didn’t really learnREAD MORE

My Writing Process, Part 1 Due to the widespread popularity of Amadeus, the movie based on Mozart’s life, it’s well known that Mozart was a prolific composer — the music pouring out of him as if by magic. In moreREAD MORE

Have you ever had an instant reaction to a piece of music, where the sound enters your ears and ends up in your soul? The song itself is translated into an emotion that washes over you, and you’re suddenly wistfulREAD MORE

A recent study found that, after piano, the guitar is the second most popular instrument to learn in the United States. Starting in the late 1950s, with the emergence of rock and roll and pop music, guitar became the principalREAD MORE