It’s been more than 50 years since Santana introduced the crowd at Woodstock to their unique fusion of Afro-Latin-Blues-Rock music. And yet more than five decades later the signature sound of legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, continues to thrill listeners aroundREAD MORE

The artwork displayed on the cover of an album can be just as much a part of the album’s individuality as is its sound. Referring to the remarkable album artwork of the ‘50s, the legendary singer Tony Bennett remarked that,READ MORE

Carlos Santana has a line of women’s shoes. Huh? That’s the reaction that I had. That’s the reaction that most people have, when I tell them that Carlos Santana has a line of not just shoes, but women’s shoes. Not just women’sREAD MORE

Legendary Vocalist/Keyboardist for Santana and Journey Santana‘s 1999 Grammy phenomenon, Supernatural, has sold in excess of 25 million copies. It launched a rebirth of Carlos Santana‘s career leading to his artist-as-icon status. More recently, he has lent his name to a lineREAD MORE

One-Time Santana guitar More than 10 years of photography have etched the image of Carlos Santana and his PRS Signature guitar into the public consciousness. The resurgence of Woodstock footage has served the same purpose for one of Santana‘s original guitars: a Gibson SG. But the six yearsREAD MORE