Actually written before Savor was even on the drawing boards, Sambita began life as a jazz-influenced Latin song written for a 3-piece instrumental band: guitar, bass, and drums. Building the original arrangement Structured in a fairly conventional pop song format,READ MORE

SAN DIEGO, CA — Known throughout the Southwest United States for their stunning recreations of Santana’s music, Savor recently produced videos for several of their original songs. The goals: to help keep the band engaged with their listeners, and toREAD MORE

When I set out to start writing songs in the Latin rock vein, I was inspired by three different sources: Spanish-flavored jazz rockEpitomized by six string phenomenon Al DiMeola, this style of music was something I have been playing sinceREAD MORE

This is one of those occasions in which the initial song came to me very quickly. Within a couple of hours, I’d written the verses and choruses. Like most effective melodies, it’s simple. But there is a feature in theREAD MORE

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Savor lead guitarist, Michael Caroff, to discuss a short list of my favorite guitarists. With an intense love of the instrument and curiosity about music in general, Caroff is somewhat ofREAD MORE