Santana the Brand

Carlos Santana has enjoyed a long and unparalleled career as an internationally celebrated musician. His musical style, a mix of genres that seamlessly blends hints of blues, jazz, latin, rock & roll and African, is unique to him and him alone. The ability to cross musical genres and styles has served him well as it’s allowed him to stay relevant over nearly six decades of performing and recording.

Santana’s signature guitar-playing is like an iconic singing voice. Seconds into the first few notes of a riff, you know you’re listening to the one and only Carlos Santana. Such intense creativity can’t be contained within the musical world alone, which makes it no surprise that Santana’s ventured into the world of branding. 

Musical Instruments

Santana began working with guitar-maker Paul Reed Smith some 40 years ago to produce trademark instruments. You can also find his name on the Yamaha SG guitar, a replica of the one Santana played early in his career and “Big Core” guitar strings made by GHS.

Adult Beverages

Have you tasted Santana DVX Sparkling Wine? Introduced in 2005 as a collaboration between winemaker, Mumm Napa, and the iconic guitarist, part of the proceeds from sales of the wine go directly to the Milagro Foundation. To date, sales of Santana DVX Sparkling Wine have resulted in over $2.5 million in donations to the charity founded by Santana and his family to benefit underserved children around the world. 

More recently, Carlos was looking for a way to connect to Jalisco, the state in Mexico where he was born. Jalisco is also the official birthplace of tequila, so it was only natural he lent his name to a special brand of tequila in collaboration with Casa Noble Tequila. 

From Supernatural to super tasty

One of the most celebrated songs from Satana’s Supernatural album released in 1999 was a collaboration with The Product G&B, titled “Maria Maria.” Some years later, Santana went on to open several restaurants by the same name. The menu is filled with traditional Mexican dishes from various regions of the country; each classic recipe has been enhanced with a creative twist for an unique flavor. 

And much, much more…

The official Santana merchandise site offers a huge selection of branded items. Reusable tote bags, DVD’s and CD’s, posters, t-shirts, hats, guitar accessories, shot glasses, wine glasses, earbuds, bluetooth speakers and more. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Santana-inspired face masks and bandanas are now available on the site.

Despite enjoying monetary success with both his music and merchandising ventures, Carlos Santana remains dedicated to sharing the wealth. In addition to donating a portion of the proceeds from sales of DVX Sparkling Wine product, much of the profits from all of his other products go to benefit the Milagro Foundation as well.